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Road Infrastructure and Maintenance

  • Bridges
    There are close to 1,000 bridges in the ACT, ranging from pedestrian foot bridges to multi-lane long span bridges.
  • Streetlighting
    General information about street lights in the ACT.
  • Street Sweeping
    Roads ACT conducts a comprehensive street sweeping program to remove leaves and debris from gutters along our road network. Every street in Canberra receives at least two sweeps every year.
  • Stormwater
    Information on the stormwater network, sump conversions and how to protect your property from flooding.
  • Community Paths
    Information on the management and maintenance the ACT's community path network, lake paths and shopping pavements.
  • Driveways
    Driveways are typically located on territory land and must meet specifications established by Roads ACT. Approval is required for construction of new driveways or modification of existing driveways.
  • Road Pavement
    Roads ACT manages road pavements for the ACT road network which is approximately 5,900 lane kilometres in length and about 20 million square metres in area.
  • Road Resurfacing
    Road resurfacing is undertaken across the ACT between October and April each year. Each year approximately 1,000,000 sq.metres of our streets and roads are resurfaced to extend the life of the road pavements.
  • Trunk Road Infrastructure Standards (TRIS)
    TRIS sets out the design standards for all trunk roads. The TRIS documents adopt relevant Austroads Guide, sets out specific design information to cater for ACT requirements, and calls up more detailed technical directions.
  • Trunk Road Infrastructure Technical Specifications (TRITS) and Standard Drawings
    TRITS prescribes the detailed practice for the construction of trunk road (sub-arterial to parkway) infrastructure in the ACT. The TRITS documents adopt relevant NSW RMS Specifications to align closer to regional best practice in construction methodology. The documents also provide supplementary information to address ACT specific construction conditions.


Roads ACT manage the majority of free, metered or vouchered carpark spaces in the ACT. Carpark resurfacing and linemarking is conducted as part of a planned maintenance program. If however, you are concerned about the condition of a carpark you can contact Roads ACT or lodge a feedback form.

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    We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.

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