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Current Projects

CentralCanberra Brickworks access road and Dudley Street upgradeConstruction of an access road into the Canberra Brickworks development precinct and upgrading of Dudley Street in Yarralumla.To commence in early 2020
Morisset Road extensionInvestigating the extension of Morisset Road by 1.2 kilometres to the existing Antill Street/Federal Highway intersection.Design work to get underway in 2019.
Novar Street and Kent Street intersectionsThree key intersections will be signalised along Novar Street and Kent Street in Yarralumla and Deakin to improve traffic flow, capacity and safety.Expected to commence in late 2020
Northbourne Avenue pavement rehabilitationThe road pavement along on Northbourne Avenue northbound from Macarthur Avenue to Mouat Street will be upgraded.To commence in early 2020
City west bus layoverA new bus layover will be constructed in Turner to support the Rapid Bus Network with capacity for 21 buses.To commence in early 2020
Pialligo Avenue duplicationDuplication of Pialligo Avenue and Yass Road between Brindabella Circuit and the NSW border.Design work underway
Pialligo Avenue and Fairbairn Avenue intersection upgradeImprovements to the intersection of Pialligo Avenue and Fairbairn Avenue to improve capacity.Design work underway
BelconnenGungahlin and Belconnen connnecting road duplicationDuplication of the road between Ginninderra Drive and the Barton Highway.To commence in early 2020
Tillyard Drive intersectionsSafety upgrades at the intersections of Ginninderra Drive/Tillyard Drive and Tillyard Drive/Lhotsky Street.Completed in the last 12 months
Belconnen Way/Springvale Drive intersectionThe intersection of Belconnen Way and Springvale Drive will be signalised to improve safety.Expected to commence in 2021
Belconnen Active Travel improvementsWe've delivering two projects in the Belconnen Town Centre including the Belconnen Bikeway and the Belconnen Arts Centre connection.Underway
Fraser/Dunlop shop upgradesUpgrades to the Fraser and Dunlop shop upgradesTo commence in 2020
Southern Cross Drive/Starke Street intersectionThe intersection of Southern Cross Drive and Starke Street will be signalised to improve safety.Expected to commence in 2021
Kuringa Drive/Owen Dixon Drive intersectionThe intersection of Kuringa Drive and Owen Dixon Drive will be signalised to improve safety.To commence in mid 2020
GungahlinGundaroo Drive stage 2 duplication Duplication of Gundaroo Drive from Gungahlin Drive to the Barton Highway. Underway
Gungahlin Place Park Improvements to central Gungahlin Place median strip, between Efkarpidis Street and Hibberson Street. Completed in the last 12 months
Horse Park Drive duplication Duplication of Horse Park Drive between Anthony Rolfe Avenue Katherine Avenue west and between the Federal Highway and Well Station Drive and associated safety improvements near the Amaroo School. Completed in the last 12 months
Palmerston Shops car park upgradeCar park upgrades to improve safety and increase capacity.To commence in early 2020
Flemington Road shared pathA new shared path will be delivered on Flemington Road between Randwick Road and Well Station Drive.Construction underway
Park & RideA new Park & Ride facility is being investigated on the north-eastern corner of Well Station Drive and Flemington Road.Design work underway
TuggeranongIsabella Weir and Wetlands

This project involves three separate improvements to the Isabella Pond precinct:

  1. Construction of the Isabella Wetlands as part of the ACT Healthy Waterways project
  2. Widening of Isabella Weir
  3. A carp management project in Upper Stranger and Isabella Ponds
Completed in the last 12 months
Kambah Village Stage 2 ImprovementsGroup Centre and urban realm upgradesUnderway
Laneway to Lake TuggeranongUpgrades to the Tuggeranong Town Square and laneway to Lake Tuggeranong.Construction to commence in early 2020.
Athllon Drive corridor

Early design is being undertaken for Athllon Drive to both improve safety and respond to proposed development in the area.

Design work soon to get underway
Monaro Highway safety improvementsConstruction of a new northbound overtaking lane on the Monaro Highway and associated safety improvements between Williamsdale Road and Old Cooma Road.Construction underway
Monaro Highway upgradeSafety and capacity improvements to the Monaro Highway between Johnson Drive and Hindmarsh Drive.Preliminary design work to commence in 2019
Weston Creek, Woden & Molonglo Reconstruction of Coppins Crossing RoadInfrastructure upgrades are underway across the Molonglo Valley region to ensure that both road and water infrastructure is in place to accommodate the expected growth in the area. Underway    
Mawson retarding basinDesign work will soon get underway for retarding structures on Yarralumla Creek, upstream of the Mawson Group CentreDesign work soon to get underway
Launceston Street/Irving Street intersectionThe intersection of Launceston Street and Irving Street will be signalised to improve safety.Expected to commence in 2021
William Hovell Drive duplicationDuplication of William Hovell Drive between Drake Brockman Drive and John Gorton Drive.Design work to get underway in 2019.
Woden Bus DepotRe-commissioning the old depot on the corner of Athllon Drive and Parramatta Street.Design work underway
John Gorton Drive and Molonglo River BridgeThe completion of John Gorton Drive including the Molonglo River bridge will support significant land releases in Molonglo.Early design work underway
Heysen Street LinkA new off-road cycling and walking path is being built along Heysen Street between Derwent Street, Lyons and Hilder Street, Weston.To commence in early 2020
Cooleman Court car park upgradesCar park upgrades to improve safety and increase capacity.To commence in early 2020
Urban realm improvementsThe Woden Experiment commenced in March 2019. In 2020 additional improvements will be undertaken in the pedestrian link between the town square and Corinna Street.Underway
Woden Town Centre protected cyclewayA new protected cycleway will be built from Launceston Street, along Furzer Street, Corinna Street and onto Callam Street.Construction to commence in 2020
RuralNaas Road BridgeThe bridge on Naas Road will be upgraded to improve safety and capacity.To commence in early 2020
ProjectsStormwater network improvementsWe are improving capacity in our stormwater network to make it safer for Canberrans and more friendly for the environment.To commence in late 2019
Sportsground improvementsWe are ensuring sportsgrounds across Canberra are fit for purpose. Underway
Age Friendly Suburbs ProgramThe Age Friendly Suburbs Program (AFSP) aims to deliver pathways and pathway related infrastructure (such as road and pram crossings) to provide better access for the aged community as well as other pathway users who may have more specific mobility needs.To commence in early 2020
Playspace upgradesAcross the ACT playgrounds are being improved and new play activities are being delivered to provide children of all ages with fun, creative and engaging play experiences.Underway
Dog park improvementsWe are making improvements to four dog parks across Canberra.To commence in early 2020.

*Please note that this is not a complete list of all capital works road, intersection and path upgrades.

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We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the ACT, the Ngunnawal people. We acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.

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